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Get insights from real people speaking their thoughts as they use your Apps and Websites.


Mind Your Business. Leave your testing to Zynar!

"Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous." - James Bach
We build tested and trusted Testers all globally so that your apps can provide the quality you brand stands for.
Our user experience testing is all you need for growth and profitability.

Crowdsource your product testing and gain valuable insight for growth

We bring your products close to the customers and users in one click and getting user experience and bug report is even simpler!


User Experience Testing

Get feedback from users on prototypes, beta releases and live products with no stress.

Bug reporting

Our hundreds of testers work with your apps in a way you never imagined and report on bugs. Take your testing beyond your walls and territory.


Give your international users/subscribers the best experience by getting insight on use of terms and language.

Customer Feedback Analyzer ™

Get first hand graphical details of your users and customers journey. Learn about their experience using your products and services.

Increase Revenue, Improve User Experience across Products and Services.

Our solutions are centered on your growth by helping you connect with users and customers for feedback and insight.


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